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7 reasons to choose evaporative air coolers

7 reasons :

1. Low investment and high efficiency:

Install the central air-conditioning and the evaporative air cooler in the same area, the total investment of the evaporative air cooler is 3/5 of the central air-conditioning.

2.Low power consumption, only 1 kw/h :

Installing central air-conditioning and evaporative air coolers in the same area, the power consumption of air cooler is 1/8 of the central air-conditioning.

3. Stable performance and reliable quality:

Standard key control and automatic cleaning function, using 10cm thickness  "multi-layer corrugated fiber laminated cooling pad". The cooling capacity is strong, and adopt the large three-blade exclusive used turbine fan blade , which has low noise and high efficiency.

4. Large air volume, far air supply

The air volume is 18000m3/h, the wind pressure is large, and the air supply is far .

5. Strong cooling effect:

In southern area, the unit could cool down 3 °C to 8 °C. In hot and dry area,unit could cool down 5 °C to 15 °C, and cool with quick speed.

6. Good air quality:

The evaporative air cooler integrates ventilation, purification, decontamination, and cooling, increasing the oxygen content of the air and improving work efficiency. Natural air supply or post air supply can be selected at will.

7.  Adjust humidity :

It has humidity adjustment function for workplaces that need to increase the temperature .


Nantong Yueneng Energy Saving Purification Equipment Co. , Ltd., in order to improve product competitiveness , and rely on scientific and technological strength, with many years production pratice experience, scientific technical principle, high quality raw material, advanced equipment ,our company have developed and produced energy saving and environment friendly air cooler(cooling pad air cooler), exhaust fan and cooling pad wall, which are widely used in textiles, knitting, machinery, hardware , footwear industry, plastics industry, clothing, leather, ceramics, glass packaging, food, electronics, electrical appliances, electroplating, chemicals, molds, handicrafts , furniture and other industries, and public places such as auditoriums, cinemas, exhibition halls , etc., It have completely solved the problem of cooling, ventilation, deodorization, dust prevention, and heatstroke prevention for our customers, and also increase the oxygen content in the air, improve work environment and work efficiency.



Post time: Jun-27-2022