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Four Major Points Of Attention In Purchasing Evaporative Cooling Pads

The evaporative cooling pad is a honeycomb structure and is produced by raw paper. The production process is probably sizing, drying, pressing corrugated, shaping, gluing, curing, slicing, grinding and so on. The following Nantong Yueneng Energy Saving and Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. summarizes the four major points of attention in purchasing evaporative cooling pads:

1、 Raw Materials

The high-quality cooling pad is made of Jiamusi raw paper, which has the advantages of high water absorption, high water resistance, mildew resistance and long service life. Moreover, the evaporation is larger than the surface, and the cooling efficiency is over 80%. The high-quality cooling pad also not contain chemicals such as phenol, which is easy to make skin allergic. It is non-toxic and harmless to human body when installed and used, is green, safe, energy-saving, environmental friendly and economical.

2、 Process (Strength)

The simplest process of evaporative cooling pads can be judged by eye, touch and smell. Looking at the corrugated pattern of the cooling pad, the corrugated lines of the high-quality cooling pad are neat and consistent; Put your hand flat on the water curtain sheet, and higher hardness is generally better than lower hardness. (it should be noted that the higher hardness is not necessarily better than lower hardness, because by adjusting the proportion of red rubber could reach higher hardness. Although the hardness of the paper meets the requirements, the water absorption is generally poor because the paper component is destroyed. The small smell is definitely better than strong smell (the quality of the glue used directly affects the smell of the evaporative cooling pad).
There is a “single-chip curing process” in the production process of evaporative cooling pads, which is available in many regular manufacturers. This process can increase the hardness and service life of the cooling pad.

Judging the strength of the evaporative cooling pad, in addition to the hardness judgment, it can also be judged by the numbers of the water curtain paper. Taking the 600mm wide 7090 evaporative cooling pad as an example, since the corrugation height is 7mm, so 600mm wide evaporative cooling pad ,standard calculation requires about 85 sheets paper, and the normal error range is ±2 sheets, which means standard  between 83-87 sheets. Many manufacturers cut corners to reduce production costs. The actual number of sheets is ≤80 sheets. The size of such evaporative cooling pads will be reduced after being used for a period of time, will result in a large gap in the middle of prepared wet curtain wall. It is necessary to pay more attention when evaporating the cooling pad.

3、 Water Absorption

The high-quality cooling pad not contain surfactant,natural water absorption, fast diffusion and long-lasting efficiency. A drop of water can be diffused in 4~5 seconds. The international industry standard water absorption is 60~70mm/5min or 200mm/1.5hour. It should be noted here that many manufacturers use recycled pulp paper to produce , The water absorption and service life of the paper produced by recycled paper is far less than produced by Jiamusi raw paper.

We can see the lower resistance and permeability from the light transmission of the evaporative cooling pad, which means the evaporative cooling pad has excellent air permeability and wet property, which can ensure the water evenly wet the entire cooling pad wall. The three-dimensional design provides the evaporation surface area for the heat exchange of water and air, awith high water resistance and large evaporation ratio.

4、 Suitability

The models of evaporative cooling pads mainly include 7090, 6090 and 5090, the corresponding corrugation height, that is, the honeycomb hole diameter is 7mm, 6mm, 5mm; the corrugation angle is 45 degrees + 45 degrees. Generally, 7090 type is recommended for the space with large dust and poor water quality. 5090 type is recommended for the environment with good water quality and less dust and mechanical equipment.
The thickness of evaporative cooling pads are 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, and 30 cm. The 10 cm and 15 cm thickness are the most widely used. Other sizes can be customized.
The color of evaporative cooling pads are various: brown, green, yellow, black, etc., The primary color brown is the most widely used. For single-sided spray color curing,it improves the shortcomings of traditional wet curtains, such as easy damage and inconvenient surface cleaning. It has high strength and strong impact resistance. With special process, it can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae. When choosing the single-sided spray color, ask the manufacturer about the depth of spraying, which is generally 2-3cm.

Post time: Mar-22-2022