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Is a industrial air cooler compared to an air conditioner? Why do factories and workshops choose industrial air cooler for cooling?

Is a industrial air cooler compared to an air conditioner? Why do factories and workshops choose industrial air cooler for cooling?

Cooling with air coolers is becoming increasingly common in our daily lives, such as in factories, workshops, large shopping malls, and even some restaurants. Why do everyone choose air cooler? Yueneng will answer for you.

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Principle of air cooler

An air cooler uses the evaporation of water to absorb heat from the air for cooling. Industrial air coolers have a higher power than household ones and can provide long-distance air supply. They are a type of unit that can both cool down, dehumidify, and exchange air. It has a wide range of uses, and some industrial workshops and large shopping malls that require refrigeration and cooling will choose it. Because it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, without a compressor or refrigerant device, it has a relatively higher cost-effectiveness.

 Comparison between air coolers and air conditioners

Firstly, they use different refrigeration materials. The medium used in the air cooler is water, while the air conditioner uses Freon, which has a high cost. When fluorine is lacking, it needs to be added in a timely manner.

Secondly, their working principles are different. The air cooler can achieve cooling effect by evaporating water, and the air supply distance is relatively long and the air volume is also relatively large. Most importantly, it does not need to be in a confined space. And air conditioning compresses fluorine through a compressor, causing liquid fluorine to undergo gasification reaction, which can absorb a large amount of heat in the air, blow out cold air from the air outlet, and achieve the effect of quickly reducing indoor temperature. The use of air conditioning should be effective in a closed space.

Furthermore, due to their different functions, the main functions of air coolers include refrigeration, air exchange, dust removal, and odor removal, resulting in relatively lower energy consumption. The main functions of air conditioning are cooling or heating, as well as dehumidification. Relatively speaking, its energy consumption will also be higher.

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Air cooler effect

Using an air cooler to cool down can normally lower the temperature by about 3-12 degrees. The higher the indoor temperature, the better the effect.

The air cooler can transport fresh cold air into the room, and the number of air changes can also be converted based on the heat generated by the products produced and the workshop temperature, thereby achieving a scientific cooling index, achieving both environmental protection and energy conservation effects.

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Post time: May-30-2024