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Farm deodorization solution(deodorizing cooling pad)

The breeding industry plays an important role in modern agriculture, however, the odor of breeding farms has become a serious problem. The odor in farms mainly comes from harmful gases such as ammonia and sulfide produced by the decomposition of animal manure and urine. This not only affects the quality of life of residents near the farms, but also causes pollution to the environment. Therefore, how to effectively deodorize has become an important task for farm management.

Nantong Yueneng recommends a mainstream deodorization solution: install a deodorizing cooling pad behind the fan wall. The fan discharges harmful gases in the poultry house into the deodorizing cooling pad wall. Through filtration, flow and chemical reaction, deodorization is achieved. Stinky purpose.


deodorizing cooling pad1

This deodorization system uses the spray method and the deodorization wall composed of deodorization filters (plastic cooling pad) has stable flame retardancy, anti-clogging, anti-corrosion, long service life and safety. The unique design of the filter (plastic cooling pad) ensures that its specific surface is large. When the odor passes through, the liquid phase is used to absorb the gas phase. The odor fully contacts the water spread through the filter, and is chemically decomposed after being dissolved in the water. Achieve the purpose of deodorizing and reducing ammonia. The deodorization system is easy to operate, has low operation and maintenance costs, and has a low failure rate.

deodorizing cooling pad2

The working principle of ventilation and deodorization method is:
The deodorization system is installed behind the exhaust outlet of the exhaust fan on the side wall of the pig house. When the system operates, the water in the pool/sink is sent into the spray pipe through the water pump. The water is sprayed out through the nozzle along the exhaust direction of the fan to form water mist. Through the deodorizing layer composed of the deodorizing filter, the pig house odor discharged by the fan passes horizontally through the deodorizing layer. The odor comes into contact with the evenly distributed water in it for gas-liquid mixing. Part of the odor in the odor is ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and The dust is dissolved or washed by water, and the odor of the pig house is purified and discharged through the exhaust port of the deodorization system; the odor-treated water flows back to the pool/sink under the action of gravity, and is pumped out by the water pump to continue the above process, form a cycle.
At the same time, improving breeding management and environmental conditions is also the key to effectively reducing odor generation. Deodorization of breeding farms is an important task to ensure the sustainable development of the breeding industry and improve the living environment. Through the efforts of deodorizing farms, we can contribute to the sustainable development of the breeding industry and environmental protection.

Post time: Nov-27-2023