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How to cool down the breeding farm in summer?

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The hot and scorching summer is a major challenge for farmers, as high temperatures can seriously affect the health and production performance of poultry and livestock. In order to ensure their health and production, it is necessary to do a good job of cooling and relieving heat. When it comes to cooling, Yueneng's most commonly used cooling products include cooling pad, air coolers, industrial exhaust fans, etc. How to achieve the most satisfactory effect through reasonable combination?

Cooling Pad (water curtain) paper: mainly uses water to absorb heat from the air during the evaporation process, causing the air temperature to decrease.

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Industrial exhaust fan: Using air convection, it quickly expels indoor odors, hot air, smoke, dust, etc. from the outside, creating a fresh, natural, and comfortable working environment. If only a few fans are needed to achieve the effect of eliminating dust and odor.

Air cooler: uses the evaporation of water to absorb heat from the air for cooling and cooling. Being able to achieve long-distance air supply is a type of unit that can both cool down, dehumidify, and exchange air. Energy saving and environmental protection, no compressor, no refrigerant device, high cost-effectiveness

Perfect combination:

Industrial exhaust fan paired with cooling pad: The cooling pad evaporates surface water into the air and uses the wind power of the fan to blow the moist air towards the target area. The fan cooling pad quickly reduces the surrounding temperature. Fan cooling pad can to some extent reduce environmental temperature and provide a comfortable working environment.

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Industrial exhaust fan paired with cold air fan: The industrial exhaust fan is responsible for removing indoor hot air, odors, and other impurities. When indoor heat, odors, smoke and dust are discharged, the air becomes fresh and clean, and the air cooler has a cooling effect, delivering cold air to the house, thereby achieving effective cooling.

Industrial exhaust fan paired with cooling pad and cold air fan: These three combinations can fully achieve the effect of air conditioning. When the space in the breeding site is too large or too long, some areas cannot achieve satisfactory results. You can use the cold air fan to connect the pipeline and send the cold air to the area that needs to be cooled, which is more perfect.

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Of course, the cooling of poultry and livestock ends here. We also have ventilation windows, roofless power fan, large fans, energy-saving air conditioners and other products waiting for you to choose from!

Post time: Jun-21-2024