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Misuse of cooling pads in aquaculture farms(2)

Many pig farms have some problems in the process of using cooling pad, and the effect of using cooling pad has not been achieved. We will discuss some misunderstandings in the process of using the cooling pad, hoping to help more breeding friends to survive the hot summer smoothly.

Misuse of cooling pads in aquaculture farms1

Misunderstanding 2: The water flow of the cooling pad is too large to form a water curtain.

Misunderstanding: The greater the volume of water passing through the cooling pad, the better the cooling effect.

Positive solution: As discussed above, the cooling pad cools down through water evaporation and heat absorption, and a large amount of water will not increase the cooling effect, so it is better to wet the cooling pad. On the contrary, too much water will form a water curtain phenomenon, which will increase the ventilation resistance coefficient and reduce the inlet wind speed, thereby reducing the effect of evaporation and cooling. At the same time, it will also bring a large amount of water vapor into the pig house, increasing the humidity of the pig house. Intermittent water supply can be provided to the cooling pad, which will reduce the humidity in the pig house, especially in the farrowing room. The intermittent time needs to be measured and calculated on the spot according to the ventilation situation. The time control principle is: the cooling pad cannot be dried, and the temperature rise of the pig farm does not exceed 1°C.

Misunderstanding 3: Some pig houses have insufficient ventilation.
Misunderstanding: Installing exhaust fan in a pig farm does not measure whether it can meet the required ventilation rate of the pig farm, thinking that a wall full of fans is enough.

Misuse of cooling pads in aquaculture farms2

Positive solution: Exhaust fan installation should comprehensively calculate the required ventilation rate based on the area, height, length, width, number of pigs, pig weight, ambient temperature, humidity and other factors of the pig farm, and then select the appropriate fan model and quantity according to the required ventilation rate. For the calculation of the specific ventilation volume, you can contact us: Nantong Yueneng Energy Saving Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.

Post time: Apr-22-2023