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Precautions for installing exhaust fan

Yueneng exhaust fans are mainstream products for ventilation and cooling in industrial plants, livestock breeding, and greenhouses. So what should you pay attention to when installing a exhaust fan?
When installing a exhaust fan, the wall on the fan side must be sealed. In particular, there should be no gaps around the fan. The most ideal way to install a exhaust fan is to close all the walls on the fan side and nearby doors and windows, and open the doors and windows on the wall opposite the fan to ensure a linear flow of air.
The installation of a exhaust fan is a very important project. It will have a great impact on the future use of the exhaust fan. You must always pay attention to it during the entire installation process.
一. Before installation
1. Before installing the exhasut fan, carefully check whether the exhasut fan is intact and intact, whether the fastener bolts are loose or fallen off, and whether the impeller has collided with the wind shield. Carefully check whether the fan blades or louvers have been deformed or damaged during transportation.
2. When selecting the air outlet environment for installation, you should pay attention to the fact that there should not be too many obstacles within 2.5-3M opposite the air outlet.

install exhaust fans

二. During installation
1. Smooth installation: When installing the exhaust fan, pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan, and adjust it until the exhaust fan is level and stable with the foundation plane. The motor must not be tilted after installation.
2. When installing the exhaust fan, the adjusting bolt of the motor should be in a position that is convenient for operation. It is convenient to adjust the belt tightness during use.

installing exhaust fan2

3. When installing the exhaust fan bracket, be sure to keep the bracket level and stable with the foundation plane. If necessary, install an angle iron next to the exhaust fan for reinforcement.
4. After the exhaust fan is installed, check the sealing around it. If there are gaps, use solar panels or glass glue to seal them.

三. After installation
1. After the installation is completed, check whether there are any tools or debris left inside the exhaust fan. Move the fan blades with your hands or levers to check whether there are any excessive tightness or friction, whether there are any objects that hinder the rotation, and if there are no abnormalities, you can proceed with the trial operation.
2. If the exhaust fan vibrates or the motor makes an abnormal "buzzing" sound or other abnormal phenomena during operation, the machine should be shut down for inspection, and the machine should be restarted after repair.

Post time: Jan-15-2024