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The benefits of exhaust fan ventilation on animal husbandry

In the animal husbandry industry, a suitable living environment is particularly important. If there is no ventilation, harmful substances will be produced to bring different diseases to livestock. In order to reduce livestock-related diseases, it is necessary to create a good environment for livestock. Let me introduce the benefits of livestock exhaust fans to the development of the breeding industry:

Animal husbandry fans are also called exhaust fans, which are the latest type of ventilation fans. They are called exhaust fans because they are mainly used in negative pressure ventilation and cooling projects, and the problems of ventilation and cooling are solved at the same time.

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The exhaust fan has the characteristics of large volume, super large air duct, super large fan blade diameter, super large exhaust air volume, ultra-low energy consumption, low speed, low noise and so on. In terms of structural materials, it is mainly divided into galvanized sheet square exhaust fans, 304 stainless steel exhasut fans and glass fiber reinforced plastic exhaust fans. The exhaust fan reduces the indoor air pressure by discharging air outwards, and the indoor air becomes thinner, forming a negative pressure area, and the air flows into the room due to the compensation of the air pressure difference. In practical application, the exhasut fan is centrally installed on one side of the factory building/greenhouse, and the air inlet is on the other side of the factory building/greenhouse, and the air is blown by convection from the air inlet to the exhasut fan. During this process, the doors and windows near the exhasut fan are kept closed, and the forced air flows into the poultry house/workshop from the doors and windows on the side of the air inlet. The air flows into the poultry house/workshop from the air inlet in an orderly manner, flows through the space, and is exhausted from the poultry house/workshop by the livestock fan, and the ventilation effect can be achieved within a few seconds of turning on the exhaust fan.

China’s breeding industry is developing rapidly. Let’s take the pig industry as an example: in large-scale and intensive pig production, the overall health level of the pig herd, the growth rate, whether the breeding season can be stable and high-yielding, and the care of piglets in the farrowing house The effect and so on have been affected and restricted by the air environment in the pig farm. The quality of the air environment control in the house is an important factor for the effective implementation of large-scale pig production. In order to improve the overall health of the pig herd and increase the production efficiency of large-scale pig raising, it is necessary to effectively control the environment of the pig farm.

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The new cooling system for environmental control – exhasut fan + cooling pad wall system, the use of exhasut fan + cooling pad wall automatic cooling system can effectively improve the temperature and humidity of the air in the house and ensure the healthy growth of pigs. When the fan is running, negative pressure is generated in the pig farm, so that the outdoor air flows into the porous and wet surface of the cooling pad and then into the pig house. At the same time, the water circulation system works, and the water pump sends the water in the water tank at the bottom of the machine cavity along the water delivery pipe go to the top of the cooling pad to make the cooling pad fully wet. The water on the surface of the paper curtain evaporates under the high-speed air flow state, taking away a large amount of latent heat, forcing the temperature of the air flowing through the cooling pad to be lower than the temperature of the outdoor air, that is, cooling humidity the temperature at the curtain is 5-12°C lower than the outdoor temperature. The drier and hotter the air, the greater the temperature difference and the better the cooling effect. Because the air is always introduced into the room from the outside, it can keep the indoor air fresh. At the same time, because the machine uses the principle of evaporative cooling, it has dual functions of cooling and improving air quality. Using the cooling system in the pig house can not only effectively reduce the temperature in the pig farm, improve the humidity of the air in the house, but also introduce fresh air to reduce the concentration of harmful gases such as ammonia in the pig farm.

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The new cooling system of environmental control – exhaust fan + cooling pad wall is controlled as a whole, which effectively improves the air temperature, humidity and air flow in the pig house, and provides the most suitable temperature for various types of pigs. The environment ensures that the pigs are under the minimum stress level to improve the performance of the pig herd. The automatic temperature control performance of the system also greatly reduces the work intensity of the breeders and improves the work efficiency of the staff.

Post time: Feb-22-2023