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Comparison between industrial air cooler and traditional air conditioner

Industrial air coolers are different from traditional compression air conditioners in terms of working principle and structure, and have significant advantages in cooling speed, sanitation, economy, environmental protection, installation, operation and maintenance, etc. It is manifested in the following aspects:

1、In terms of working principle: industrial air coolers rely on evaporation to absorb heat in the air to achieve the purpose of cooling. According to the principle of natural physical phenomenon “water evaporation efficiency”: when hot air passes through the actual ventilation area 100 times, water evaporates When the curtain is wet, a large amount of heat is absorbed, thereby realizing the process of cooling the air. Compared with traditional air conditioners, it has a large difference in that it does not use a compressor, so it is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and can keep the air fresh and clean, creating a healthier and more comfortable working space for you.

2. In terms of hygiene: when the traditional compressor-type air conditioner is running, the doors and windows are required to be closed tightly to keep the indoor temperature constant, which will reduce the number of indoor air changes and poor air quality, causing people to suffer from dizziness and headaches. For some workshops that produce harmful gases, if there is no necessary ventilation, it may even cause poisoning. However, the air cooler can solve this problem. When it is running, the doors and windows are opened, the cold air is continuously entering, and the hot air is continuously being discharged. It does not need to self-circulate the old air in the room, but always maintains fresh and natural cold air.

3. In terms of economy: Compared with traditional compressor-type air conditioners, in terms of cooling speed, industrial air coolers have a fast cooling speed, and generally have obvious effects on large spaces after 10 minutes of starting up. The traditional compressor air conditioner takes a long time. For dry areas, use energy-saving and environmentally friendly air conditioners to properly humidify and prevent the air from drying out. The longer the traditional compression air conditioner is used, the drier the air will be. In hot and humid areas, due to the high temperature and high humidity in summer, as well as the often encountered still wind, people feel very stuffy, which affects normal work and life. Adopting conventional air conditioners can certainly solve this problem, but it is not generally possible to do so at present. Good results can be achieved by using evaporative industrial air cooler.