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How to choose the installation location of exhaust fan?

Yueneng exhaust fan is the latest type of ventilator. It is an axial flow fan. It is called a exhaust fan because it is mainly used in exhaust ventilation and cooling projects. Yueneng exhaust fans have the characteristics of large size, ultra-large blade diameter, ultra-large exhaust volume, ultra-low energy consumption, low speed, and low noise. So how to choose the installation location of the exhaust fan?
1.The exhaust fan can be installed on the wall or roof, but the installation environment should ensure smooth and fresh air. There needs to be enough air inlets on the opposite side of the exhaust fan. If there are not enough doors or windows, a special air blower needs to be installed.

exhaust fan1

2.When installing the exhaust fan, make sure that its frame structure can support the weight of the entire exhaust fan and the maintenance personnel.

exhaust fan2

3. When installing, pay attention to sealing and waterproofing to avoid rainwater leakage.
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Post time: Jan-02-2024