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Yueneng energy saving purification equipment——Ventilation and cooling solutions

Nantong Yueneng Energy Saving Purification Equipment Co.,Ltd.was established in 2008 and located in Rugao city,Nantong City which is a famous “longevity”town.We are a professional temperature control enterprise integrating professional design,production,installation,sales and after-sales service.

Our main products are: evaporative cooling pad, cooling pad wall, industrial air cooler ,exhaust fan and etc, widely used in poultry farms, greenhouse, workshops ventilation and cooling.We have over 15 years of industry experiences, reliable product quality and energy saving, we are committed to providing customers with satisfactory products and professional services.So far, our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Asia, Australia, and the Americas, obtaining unanimous praise from customers.Welcome to visit our company.

01  Cooling pads

● Using advanced cooling pad production line equipment, it has a high degree of automation and high production efficiency. The cooling pad produced has uniform ripples, high structural strength, good water absorption and long service life.

● Cooling pad evaporation greater than surface.Tested by the laboratory of China Agricultural University,cooling efficiency of over 80%

● Easy to install,non toxic and harmless to the human body, green, safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and economical

● Customizable size and color.

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Ventilation and cooling solutions2

02 exhaust fan

●The fan outer frame material adopts advanced automatic processing technology, high strength hot-dip galvanized sheet and stainless steel sheet are optional,rust prevention and anti-corrosion.

●Its unique centrifugal opening mechanism can ensure that the shutters are fully opened and closed, so that the resistance is minimal when the fan is running. When the fan is closed, it is windproof, rainproof, dustproof, and insectproof.

●The rear safety net of the fan is easy to disassemble, motor built-in, convenient installation and blade cleaning work.

●National standard all copper wire motor, available from Siemens and other brands, durable and powerful.

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03 air cooler

The body of the air cooler is made of ABS engineering plastic, which is UV resistant, aging resistant and deformation resistant.

Adopting professional design, with high air volume, low noise, and low energy consumption.

Evaporative air coolers have the following advantages:

● Energy saving: more than 80% energy efficient than traditional compressor air conditioners.

● Environmental protection:no harmful substances such as freon,integrating air exchange, ventilation, cooling, temperature regulation, and humidity.

● Significant cooling effect:generally, it can achieve a cooling effect of 3 ℃ -15 ℃, and the cooling is fast.

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