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How to cool the hot and smelly workshop in summer

In the hot summer, the relatively closed workshop without central air conditioning is very muggy. The employees are sweating in it, which seriously affects the production efficiency and labor enthusiasm. How can we remit the high temperature in the workshop and let the employees have a comfortable and cool working environment? Is there any money-saving way to cool down the workshop without installing central air conditioning?Here are a few simple and easy-to-implement methods for your reference.

The first method:

Use the portable air cooler to cool each employee. This method can be used if the workshop area is large and there are few employees. The portable air cooler mainly evaporates and cools through the internal evaporative cooling pads. It does not use freon refrigerant, no chemical pollution and no exhaust emission. The air blowing out is cool and fresh, is relatively power-saving, low use cost and does not need to be installed,just plug in and use is ok.

The second method:

Install industrial exhaust fan (negative pressure fan) on the wall or window in high-temperature and stuffy area of the workshop ,quickly exhaust the hot and stuffy air gathered in the workshop , keep the air circulating to achieve the effect of ventilation and natural cooling.This method has low installation and operation cost, is suitable for hot and stuffy workshops with large area and many employees .However, the effiency is not so good in high temperature weather and workshp have large heat production inside

The third method:

Install the industrial exhaust fan and cooling pads system in a high temperature and stuffy closed workshop. Use The large air volume industrial exhaust fan (negative pressure fan) on one side to exhaust the air, and use the cooling pads on another side.This method has the good cooling and ventilation effect. It is suitable for closed workshops with dry air, high temperature , stuffiness and low humidity requirements.

The fouth method :

Install the air cooler fan (environment-friendly air conditioner) on the window of workshop, cool the outdoor fresh air through the evaporative cooling pads in the fan body, and then send the cold air into the workshop. This method can increase the fresh air in the workshop and the oxygen content ,improve the air circulation speed in the workshop (according to the actual condition, could install the industrial exhaust fan (negative pressure fan) on the opposite wall of air cooler fan to accelerate the indoor air circulation speed);It can effectively reduce the workshop temperature by 3-10 ℃ and ventilation at the same time. The installation and operation cost are low. The average power consumption per 100 square meters is only requires 1 Kw/h of electricity per hour. It is one of the ideal cooling and ventilation systems for high-temperature and smelly workshops at prese

Post time: Feb-16-2022