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600mm warehouse small exhaust fan

Short Description:

1. The outer frame is available in galvanized sheet and 304 stainless steel
2. The fan blade is made of 3-blades stainless steel, which is durable
3. Small size and small weight, suitable for ventilation and exhaust in small space
Fan Type: Axial Exhaust Fan
Frame material: 304 stainless steel/galvanized sheet optional
Fan blade material: stainless steel
Dimensions: 600*600*320mm
Power: 370w
Voltage: 3-phase 380v (support customization)
Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Installation method: wall
Place of Origin: Nantong, China
Certification: ce
Warranty: one year
After-sales Service:Online support
Motor connection method: direct drive

Product Detail

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The Evaporative Cooling Pad Advantages:

Maximum Efficiency : Cooling Pad is designed to provide maximum contact surface between air and water . Such massive surface enables an optimum cooling and humidification effect from evaporation.
Maximum Freshness : Cooling Pad acts as a natural filter that purifies inlet air. Carefully designed flute angle directs water towards both the air inlet and outlet side; the water then intrinsically flushes away dust, algae, and mineral build up on the evaporation surfaces.
Maximum Durability : Cooling Pad is made of special cellulose paper impregnated with insoluble chemical compounds to preserve its long working life in your system.
Maximum Toughness : Cooling Pad, with proper water bleed-off and regular brushing, can be used in imperfect water and air condition.
Long lasting, provides optimum cooling effect.
Made of Special Cellulose material with chemical compounds.
Make the surface smooth on the outside to prevent growth of fungi.
Easy to clean by brushing the surface to remove minerals deposited by water.
Large surface area provides optimum cooling and humidification effect from evaporation.

Working Principle:

The exhaust fan is based on the cooling principle of air convection and negative pressure ventilation. It is a kind of natural inhalation of fresh air from the opposite side of the installation site--- door or window, and exhaust the sultry air quickly out of the room. Any problems with poor ventilation can be improved. The effect of cooling and ventilation can reach 90%-97%.

Exhaust Fan Usage

For ventilation: installed outside the window of the workshop to exhaust air and extract odorous gas.
Use with cooling pads: It is used to cool down the workshop. In the high temperature season in summer, the cooling pad-negative pressure fan system can reduce the temperature of your workshop to about 30 °C, and there is a certain humidity.
Use with air coolers: It is also used for ventilation and cooling in the workshop and accelerating the circulation and diffusion of cold air while exhausting the hot air in the space.

The Scope of Application of The Exhaust Fan:

A. It is suitable for workshops with high temperature or peculiar smell: such as heat treatment factory, casting factory, plastic factory, aluminum profile factory, shoe factory, leather factory, electroplating factory, printing and dyeing factory, various chemical factories.
B. Applicable to labor-intensive enterprises: such as garment factories, various assembly workshops, and Internet cafes.
C. Ventilation and cooling of horticultural greenhouse and livestock farms.
D. It is especially suitable for places that need cooling and certain humidity.Such as cotton spinning mills, woolen mills, hemp spinning mills, weaving mills, chemical fiber mills, warp knitting mills, texturing mills, knitting mills, silk mills, socks mills and other textile mills.
E. Use forwarehouses, logistics area.

Technical Parameter

Model NO. YNN-600
Dimensions: height * width * thickness(mm) 600*600*320
Blade Diameter (mm) 500
Motor speed (rpm) 1400
Air volume  (m³/h ) 8000
Noise decibels(dB) 68
Power(w) 370
Rated voltage(v) 380

Installation Precautions:

Dear Customer:

First of all, thank you very much for choosing YUENENG fan! In order to ensure the normal operation of the fan, we must pay attention to the following points during installation:
1. When installing the fan, please make sure the fan is in the horizontal position, and it is recommended to use infrared level;
2. The inner side (protective net side) of the fan is flush with the inner wall to ensure that the drainage hole and removable maintenance board of the fan are on the outside of the outer wall, which is convenient for maintenance;
3. After the fan is placed in the hole, insert a wooden wedge into the gap above the middle column, and finally fill the gap with foaming agent ( not recommended to use concrete direct powder to prevent the extrusion deformation of the fan caused by the thermal expansion of the concrete which will affect the use);
4.In order to prevent the motor from burning out due to phase loss or overload, it is recommended to install breakers on the fan control circuit (Chint, Delixi, Schneider and other brands).

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