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Chicken farm 50 inch butterfly cone fan

Short Description:

The zinc layer of the galvanized sheet frame is available in 180g/m2 and 275g/m2,Galvanized sheet material to avoid rust
Lengthen bell mouth designed to improve the exhaust pressure
Large air flow, beautiful and durable

Type:Axial flow exhaust fan
Application: chicken farms (broiler farms, layer farms)
Electric Current Type:AC
Frame material:Galvanized sheet
Blade Material:Stainless steel
Mounting:Wall Mounted
Place of Origin:Nantong, China
Warranty:1 Year
After-sales Service:Online support
Voltage:3phase 380v/Customized
Frequency: 50hz/ 60hz
Motor connection:Belt Drive

Product Detail

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Products Features:

Advanced front double door design, small wind resistance, high efficiency, good sealing.
The cone part adopts a plug-type connection and does not need many bolts and nuts for tightening as before, which reduces labor intensity and improves the aesthetics of the fan.
When the two semicircle shutter doors close, the rubber sealing ring has good airtightness, which can avoid effectively the outside air from entering the room from other un-working fans and improve the working efficiency of 15-20%.
Blade: 6 pieces of mirror finished stainless steel blades, attractive and durable with large air volume,, low noise, no deformation, no damage.
Belt tensioner: made of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy, avoiding belt loosening or falling off, prolong belt service life, and avoid deformation.
Motor: high efficieny and energy-saving with CCC certificate. Protection class: IP55, Insulation class: F.

Technical Parameter

Model NO. YNB-1375
Dimensions: height * width * thickness(mm) 1375*1375*1375
Blade Diameter (mm) 1270
Motor speed (rpm) 1400
Air volume  (m³/h ) 45000
Noise decibels(dB) 75
Power(w) 1100
Rated voltage(v) 380

Exhaust Fan draws out polluted air from premises and replaces it with fresh air. Air is considered polluted when it contains high amounts of Hot air, moisture, carbon dioxide, vaporized chemicals, dust, fungal spores and unpleasant odors. Exhaust fan combat indoor air pollution by ejecting the unclean indoor air into the outside environment and letting in clean air from the outside.
They are also critical for the health of the people living and working in places with high indoor air concentrations. High efficiency, high-volume exhaust fans constantly discharge dirty air, which means more fresh air and pleasant atmosphere into the large space.

Main Applications:

1、Ventilating, cleaning surfaces by suction, discharging heat, making fresh and cool air for workshops producing mechanics, garments, woolen yard, shoes, packing.
2、Ventilating, making fresh and cool air for farms breeding cattle and poultry.
3、Ventilating, making fresh and cool air for glasshouses planting fresh vegetable,flowers, pot plants, seedlings...

Installation Precautions:

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